Autobahn Inspection Services is a truly independent pre-owned vehicle inspection company that has partnered with dealerships and auctions in U.S. The company uses the state of the art technology and our inspectors are the most experienced in the industry. Based on years of service, qualifications and certifications our inspectors and reports are the most trustworthy. Customer service has always been and is our number one priority to our sellers and buyers. This is why our inspectors are the biggest assets to our company.

Autobahn Inspection uses a web based system that has multi-platform transfer capabilities. Multi-platform is when one inspection report can be transferred to different web sites. Our inspectors are equipped with state of the art tablet computers that have the capabilities to transfer condition reports and images in real time. This saves time and money to our sellers and buyers by posting the reports online within seconds. Our system is so advanced that you can view each inspection from a phone, anytime – anywhere.


We know what it takes to sell and buy a vehicle
because of years of experience.