Autobahn Inspection Services main focus is to assist consumers to dealers – dealers to auctions; to sell and buy pre own vehicles. The multi -platform web based technology along with our experienced inspectors are the key to our success.

The multiplatform web base software is capable of delivering inspection reports to the following sites in seconds.

Our field inspectors along with the multi platform state of the art software are the connection between the seller and the buyer.

Our inspectors are very experienced, with a minimum of ten thousand inspections to qualify to be a part of Autobahn Inspections; this makes us #1 in the industry.

Our field personnel are equipped with the latest tablets, which have 4G capabilities and instantly can transfer the inspector report along with images to any site.

Since the establishment in 2011 Autobahn Inspection Services has expanded from wholesale auctions to dealerships and now to consumers. Autobahn Inspectors have conducted more than 200,000 inspections.

We come to you!

Consumer Inspections – Offering a condition report to a consumer builds trust and value to both seller and buyer.

Dealer Inspections – Pre own dealerships now have more sites available to sell and buy for the best price.

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